And a Trudeau era begins

It is my bittersweet duty to report that I can now safely retire this Web site, Tonight, the Liberal Party sailed to a resounding victory, earning a solid majority in Parliament.

Now let’s see what Mr. Trudeau does about Bill C-51, about the CBC, about two-tier citizenship, about the voting rights of expatriates, about the TPP, about Canadian scientists, about the long-form census, about Canada Post, about the handling of refugees, and about a whole host of other issues that were the reason why I was so hoping to see a change in government. I have high hopes. I hope sincerely that Mr. Trudeau will not disappoint us.

As to Mr. Harper, Tom Mulcair said it best: “Despite our many differences on policy, and on the way politics should be conducted, I thank Mr. Harper for his service to our country.”

And now it is time for the final tally: now that he’s retiring from his job as Prime Minister, Mr. Harper should adopt 152.25 cats.

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