Cats for Harper?

Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada, likes cats. That is very admirable.

I am less admiring of many of Mr. Harper’s policies, unfortunately.

But then, I do not believe in the politics of hatred. It is possible to disagree with a politician and his decisions without declaring him an enemy of the nation or worse yet, attacking him personally.

But then… Stephen Harper likes cats. So one day, my wife and I thought that perhaps he can atone for his sins by adopting more cats?

And thus, the idea of this site was born.

It is very simple, really. The moderator (that would be me) will add posts detailing some of Mr. Harper’s political sins. Registered readers can comment and also rank issues by assigning a number of cats to them. The moderator (again, that would be me) will maintain a running tally. That’s all.

In the end, we all win. Some cats that are badly in need of adoption will get a new home. Mr. Harper will get many more cats. As for the rest of us, who knows, we might even get a better government!

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