Tallying the cats

Below is a summary of the number of cats Mr. Harper will need to adopt to atone for the political sins of his government.

Bill C-519.00
Canada Post home delivery6.75
Copyright modernization7.50
Destruction of libraries9.00
Disenfranchised expats3.00
Dishonest ads8.00
Ebola travel ban5.00
Harper's economy9.00
Helping Republicans9.00
Monster omnibus bills9.00
Muzzling scientists9.00
Old stock Canadians7.00
Refugee health care9.00
The "Fair Elections Act"4.00
The CBC9.00
The Experimental Lakes8.00
The long form census7.00
The right to travel9.00
Two-tier citizenship9.00
Victims of Communism6.00
Total for 20 posts:152.25

We hope that Mr. Harper finds it in his heart to establish a cat sanctuary for (at least) 152.25 cats after he retires from politics. We thank him in advance for being kind to our feline friends.